Havells | Metallica

Metalica series of Distribution Boards focuses on user-centered design especially in its aesthetics & engineering qualities, and pivots on the concept of simplicity of use. The series has been designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of the modern interiors which demand that a distribution board should blend perfectly with other decorative elements of the room, be it the living room of a house or a corporate office or a showroom. The unique design and ‘ease of use’ of Metalica Distribution Boards truly set them apart. The premium metallic finish  and ‘Pull To Open’ type magnetic door handle reflect that even the smallest of detail has been perfected to ensure superior user experience.  We proposed the magnetic lock which combined the idea of minimalism in aesthetic appeal and ease of use. The product was further developed by the in-house technical team at Havells R&D Center.

Manufactured in 2013 by Havells, India