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PAUL STUDIO is a 15 year old, red dot award winning Industrial Product Design agency catering to New Product Development needs of the industry across various sectors such as Home Automation, IoT, Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Kids Products and Lifestyle Accessories. We are also experts in design and development of Toys and Games. We have a large network of plastic enclosure manufacturers for electrical devices or instruments ranging from Hand-held, Wall-mount, Desk-top to suit your project or application. Our network in spread across the country. We offer our industrial design services to our clients based in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru as well. We also serve our international clients spread across 18 countries. PAUL STUDIO, one of the best Product Design studios offering end-to-end services to create iconic best sellers! If you are looking for industrial design services in Hyderabad, your search ends here. We will create business impact through our unique Design Thinking!

What can we do?


Genuine needs are often felt but seldom slept. Using observation as a key tool we identify the latent needs/pain points of consumers by frequent home/market visits followed by ideation sessions to create innovative products with new USPs.


We help brands differentiate and generate business growth through our unique and innovative Design Thinking methodology. Good design = Good business. Design is the only differentiator when technology is at par. We create Iconic Best Sellers!


We create photo-realistic 3D images of your products to project a truly everlasting impression on your customers through catalogues, brochures, cartons and other digital/print material. We design bottles and sachets for FMCG products as well.

Additional Services


Creativity is an integral part of engineering design process. All the details such as ribs, locks and fitments required for the internal and external components are added to the selected design in 3D CAD. Our electrical engineering background is an added bonus!


The 3F (Fit – Feel – Finish) of a product depends on the quality of the tools and molds. And the quality of the tool depends on the toolmaker to a large extent. Hence, choosing the right tool room is critical to the final product quality.


Introduction of a new color / finish / texture enhances the products appeal and gives it a refreshing look. We also introduce new materials and process to create that WOW! factor which helps create an everlasting impression on your customers.

Allied Services


Quick and accurate physical prototypes are built to check the internal and external part fitment along with other engineering details before proceeding for tool making. It also helps in evaluating scale and ergonomics.


Wow your customers at trade shows and exhibitions with high quality hyper-realistic aesthetic mockups. We use both traditional & digital techniques to simulate color / finish / material / texture of the product.


With our wide network of manufacturing partners we will help you find the right vendor to fulfill your low and high volume production requirements. We can help your “Make in India” dream come true!

Featured Projects


Decorative Ceiling Fan for Polycab

“India Glory” adds  an artistic flair and craftsmanship to your room interiors. Champagne Gold rim deco  along with well crafted blade deco’s add richness to the look of the fan in white. Also available in silver and brown color. Apart from designing the stylish exteriors we have also been engaged for creating 1:1 scale aesthetic mock-up for evaluation by marketing team, precision engineering to assist R&D in product development and co-ordination with toolmakers till production. Launched in 2016, instantly it became an iconic best seller for Polycab. View details of the project: India Glory

Toys & Merchandise for Chhota Bheem

Toy Designer Suhasini Paul was approached by one of the directors of Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd. a company based in Hyderabad, to build the strategies for future  toys and merchandise based on the characters Chhota Bheem and his family.


GUI Design for LG Electronics

The Graphic User Interface design project aimed at bringing a new visual experience in the Mobile Phone Calender of Festivals. 16X16 pixel icons were designed for 36 festivals. The software development was in collaboration with LG Soft India, Bangalore. See all 36 icons here: GUI Calender


Medical Device design : VITALS

The inventor of VITALS approached us to design an appropriate body enclosure keeping in mind rural India. We not only designed the product but also provided prototyping support which worked as a proof of concept and helped do the real time field testing of the concept. After a couple of refinements we set out to identify a competent manufacturer to mass produce the product. The final product achieved the desired function and also met highly stringent quality parameters within  frugal costs. The Vaccine Immunization Temperature Audit & Logging System (VITALS)  send sms as soon as vaccine temperatures breach. For more details: VITALS

Medical Device design : Glucometer

Stylish medical device with a flaunt value designed for use on-the-go! The Glucometer uses a test strip to interact with a patient’s drop of blood. A chemical reaction is produced and the meter reads the level of glucose expressed in mg/dl or mmol/l. Our role was to envision the product aesthetics and integrate the internal components with techno-aesthetic detailing backed with creative engineering. Exhibited at Medlab 2020, Dubai | For more details visit: Glucometer



Smart IoT Ceiling Fan for Halonix

HALO fan is IOT enabled with Halonix Smart IOT App. which allows you to control the fan in various modes through your mobile phone, using Alexa or Google Assistant Voice controls adding a new dimension of comfort and experience. It also comes with a remote. Launched in 2019. For more details about the project : HALO

Success Stories


Transform TV for LG Electronics Inc.

While working on a project at India’s best industrial product design studio within a corporate set-up at LG Electronics India Ltd., Paul Sandip came across an interesting observation during one of his routine customer home visits in Hyderabad. He observed that the LCD TV was mounted on the wall and the stand was nowhere to be found. Infact, a glass shelf was fixed below the wall mounted TV to place the DTH box. He was struck with an idea! Can the stand be transformed into a wall mount rack? With this Innovative transform TV you can now easily convert TV stand to rack. It’s convenient, space saving and a unique innovation based on design. It immensely enhances the utility serving the Indian consumers requirement.

Home Automation Device : Amour 4.0

Amour 4.0 is a mobile assisted smart switching solution for your homes, offices and commercial places.  It is crafted with a feather touch screen with icons which are self explanatory, making it easier to use by all age groups. It also has a color TFT display for timing, scheduling, mode selection and connection status and dual micro USB port. It works with and without internet. While on internet mode, it gives a plethora of unique features like multi-scheduling, locking, power metering and SOS features. App is available on both android and iOS. This can also be controlled by any voice command.


If you are looking for Stylish designs for Plastic enclosures in Hyderabad, we can help!

We have access to India’s Largest Prototyping centre in Hyderabad to create MVP’s (Minimum Viable Products). We can support the culture of hobbyists, makers and innovators in Telangana  by providing industrial design and development services. Our network is spread across the country. We have our presence in Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai as well. We also serve our international clients spread across 19 countries.
PAUL STUDIO, one of the best Product Design companies offering end-to-end services to create iconic best sellers can help manufacturers looking for Product Design Company in Hyderabad to fast track design and new product development needs.


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