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PAUL STUDIO is a red dot award winning Product Design company based in Pune and Delhi-NCR. If you are looking for unique bottle designs for your Cold drinks, Energy Drinks, Alcohols, Mineral Water, Vegetable Oils or Tin Can label designs for Fruit Juices, Tea, Coffee, Beer or Glass jar labels for Pickles, Honey etc. we will create unique designs for your brand to create business impact through our unique Design Thinking!


CLARO Water Bottle 

Gluman a leading Indian Houseware brand with significant global presence was looking for an

 industrial product design studio in Delhi to design unique shape of  bottle

to stand out amongst a plethora of water bottles in the market. Gluman approached designer Paul Sandip to design a bottle that would be iconic. He started with identifying sweet spots for design intervention and narrowed down to the cap to create a detail that would have an easy recall value as well as fulfill a critical functionality. In most fridge bottles, removing the cap is difficult as it gets tight fit due to cold. Easy to open cap has a “peel off” feature which takes the pressure while unscrewing the cap. The top header and the foot print have the “ripple” surface which is an obvious association with water. Thus making the design of the water bottle easy to register in the users mind. He kept the bottle structure very simple with a prominent space for branding which helps getting noticed from a distance due to its vertical orientation.




SQUEEZY Sauce Bottle

Squeezy designed by Paul Sandip is one of the most ubiquitous sauce bottle found in cafeterias across India. Squeezy can be spotted at most Domino’s Pizza outlets! The thought behind designing this sauce bottle was to bring an ‘oomph factor’ to an otherwise mundane everyday object. The sensuous form of the bottle was meant to intuitively connect with the user’s desire to squeeze it! Today, Squeezy is mass produced out of 40 injection moulding machines sitting  in a 80,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with a workforce of over 400 people. It is not only affordable to the masses across India, but available in South East Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa.
It has now become an “Iconic Best Seller” product.



PREMIUM Rum Bottle

We were approached to design a premium Rum Bottle. We have designed a very unique dual textured bottle and delivered the technical drawings for production.



FLORA Glass Bottle

Unique design of silicone sleeve along with easy-to-pull-out cap makes this glass bottle a must have lifestyle accessory.




Jerry Bottle is the first  hydration vessel with which our client wanted to launch their company. The brief was to give the war time Jerrycan a contemporary twist.


Water Sphere and Sipper are  Angry bird themed water bottles designed for kids on the go!

If you are looking for Bottle design companies in India, we are here!

Running an Industrial design studio in India helps us in many ways, as it is one of the mass manufacturing hubs, hence very resourceful. We have our presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru. We also serve our international clients spread across 20 countries. PAUL STUDIO, one of the best Bottle Design companies offering end-to-end services to create iconic best sellers!


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