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PAUL STUDIO is a red dot award winning Industrial Product Design company. Our clients include LG, Whirlpool, Havells, Orient, Halonix, Luminous, Bluebird, Catvision, Instapower, PHFI, Jagdamba Cutlery and many more. We have a large network of plastic enclosure manufacturers for electrical devices or instruments ranging from Hand-held, Wall-mount, Desk-top to suit your project or application. If you are looking for a industrial design agency in Delhi, India who can also convert ideas into tangible products. We are here to create business impact through our unique Design Thinking!

What can we do?


Genuine needs are often felt but seldom slept. Using observation as a key tool we identify the latent needs/pain points of consumers by frequent home/market visits followed by ideation sessions to create innovative products with new USPs.


We help brands differentiate and generate business growth through our unique and innovative Design Thinking methodology. Good design = Good business. Design is the only differentiator when technology is at par. We create Iconic Best Sellers!


We create photo-realistic 3D images of your products to project a truly everlasting impression on your customers through catalogues, brochures, cartons and other digital/print material. We design bottles and sachets for FMCG products as well.

Additional Services


Creativity is an integral part of engineering design process. All the details such as ribs, locks and fitments required for the internal and external components are added to the selected design in 3D CAD. Our electrical engineering background is an added bonus!


The 3F (Fit – Feel – Finish) of a product depends on the quality of the tools and molds. And the quality of the tool depends on the toolmaker to a large extent. Hence, choosing the right tool room is critical to the final product quality.


Introduction of a new color / finish / texture enhances the products appeal and gives it a refreshing look. We also introduce new materials and process to create that WOW! factor which helps create an everlasting impression on your customers.

Allied Services


Quick and accurate physical prototypes are built to check the internal and external part fitment along with other engineering details before proceeding for tool making. It also helps in evaluating scale and ergonomics.


Wow your customers at trade shows and exhibitions with high quality hyper-realistic aesthetic mockups. We use both traditional & digital techniques to simulate color / finish / material / texture of the product.


With our wide network of manufacturing partners we will help you find the right vendor to fulfill your low and high volume production requirements. We can help your “Make in India” dream come true!

Featured Projects


Air Cooler for Orient Electric Ltd.

Orient Electric Ltd. a leading Indian Home Appliances brand with significant global presence was looking for an

 industrial product design studio in Delhi

to design a Desert Cooler for the summer of twenty eighteen. They found us to be the most competent amongst several other product design companies in Delhi. When we started to look around what the market offerings were, we were surprised to see how a simple air cooler was “over-designed” just for the sake of differentiation. Superfluous elements of design not only added visual complexity but it also burdened the product with extra plastic part costs. Most designs were sticking out but none were ready to gel in smoothly into your living or bed room, quietly. I remember speaking to a potential customer about his vision of a smart air cooler. He had remarked – “I want to feel the cool air and not see the source of it.”

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” with this belief we set out to create a design language which comprised of certain “Aesthetic Elements” that formed the basic DNA thread connecting all the functional elements to attain a cohesive design identity. The result was subtle yet distinctly identifiable. The new Orient Air Cooler looks nothing like any other air cooler in the market. It comes with fully collapsible louvres that prevent the entry of dust and insects, even when it is switched off, thus preventing mosquito breeding.

Our approach towards creating this “super normal” cooler design was all about reducing things to their functional essentials, without compromising on the aesthetic pleasantness.

SALUS Modular Range for Orient Electric Ltd.

Orient Electric Ltd. a major leading Indian electrical brand with significant global presence approached us to create their “First” modular range of switch plates & accessories. We were engaged to bring in our techno-aesthetic expertise in designing stylish yet cost efficient products. As Product Design Company in Delhi, our major role was to establish the structural platform, surface styling and design specifications while co-working on engineering aspects with Orient’s R&D team. We wanted to evoke a feeling of “safe and sturdy” product by design. Launched in .2018


HALO Smart IOT Ceiling Fan for HALONIX 

The name ‘HALO’ as it suggests is a circular ring around the front fascia of the fan. This unique design concept sets apart this ceiling fan design from the other fans available in the market. We have also created a signature design element in the fan which will help Halonix establish their brand identity in the long run: note the circular metallic deco inspired from the logo itself. The overall design maintains a very minimal theme giving highlights on the deco elements to accentuate the product and give it a fresh and dynamic look. Moreover HALO is IOT enabled with Halonix Smart IOT App. which allows you to control the fan in various modes through your mobile phone, using Alexa or Google Assistant Voice controls adding a new dimension of comfort and experience. It also comes with a remote. Launched in 2019.


Success Stories

Washing Machine for LG Electronics Inc.

Wind dry function was an existing feature in LG washing machines. However, it had never caught the sight of customer because it was
located under the handle in the window. Bringing this feature to surface revived this feature. Washing machines prior to this design had single color top lid. The overlap design language helps create a dual tone effect thus several permutations and combinations of color and finish led to increased number of SKU’s which provided consumers a wide array to choose from.
Manufactured by: LG Electronics, India.
Selling worldwide since 2006. This product is a huge success in Indian market.

Distribution Board for Havells

Metalica series of Distribution Boards focuses on user-centered design especially in its aesthetics & engineering qualities, and pivots on the concept of simplicity of use. The series has been designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of the modern interiors which demand that a distribution board should blend perfectly with other decorative elements of the room, be it the living room of a house or a corporate office or a showroom. The unique design and ‘ease of use’ of Metalica Distribution Boards truly set them apart. The premium metallic finish and ‘Pull To Open’ type magnetic door handle reflect that even the smallest of detail has been perfected to ensure superior user experience. We proposed the magnetic lock which combined the idea of minimalism in aesthetic appeal and ease of use. The product was further developed by the in-house technical team at Havells R&D Center.

If you are looking for Industrial design companies in Delhi, we are here!

Running an Industrial design studio from Delhi NCR helps us in many ways. As it is one of the mass manufacturing hubs in India, hence very resourceful. We can also easily serve our clients in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad due to the close proximity between the cities of the NCR region. Our network is spread across the country. We have our presence in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru. We also serve our international clients spread across 19 countries. PAUL STUDIO, one of the best Product Design companies offering end-to-end services to create iconic best sellers!


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