What is Design Thinking?


Simply put, it is the way designers and innovators think or process information to create disruptive solutions that give businesses the competitive edge they are looking for! To get a quick overview of the process, its benefits and how we can enable your business read more.


What is Industrial Design?


The art of designing mass manufactured products. It is an extremely specialized skill and also the secret to many successful businesses like Apple, Sony, LG, Samsung etc. The 7 Super powers of an Industrial designer and much more is revealed here.


Impact of Industrial design


The Bulb holder designed by Paul Sandip and manufactured by GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 2005 and disrupted the electrical industry. Till 2020 the approximate number of bulb holders sold are estimated to upto 5400 Million… and still counting!

Paul Sandip shares his unique approach and insights: How I created my first iconic product.


What is mentorship?


One-to-one mentorship is offered to selected candidates who wish to enhance their design sensibilities by working alongside industry experts and equip themselves with real time experiences during the time period allotted by their respective institutes for internship. You will be given a design challenge by Paul Sandip and at the end of  the program you will be able to shape your product idea into a prototype. Truly a value add to your design portfolio. For details about mentorship fees and deliverables please email sandip@paulstudio.in


What is Client Authentication?


If you are an individual innovator, entrepreneur or Start-Up founder seeking our design and development services, we request you to kindly share your complete contact details along with the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) format for us to sign. We always ask for authentication details to our new and prospective clients as we prefer transparency at every stage of our relationship and we reciprocate in the same way during our design process. Our client authentication policy is a process in which we verify that someone who is requesting for our design services is who they claim to be. This can be accomplished by sharing your name, address, contact number and any document that identifies you, such as National Identification Number. For example: Aadhaar card no. is applicable for Indian Nationals.



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To know more about the various training modules that we offer to corporates / institutes,  kindly visit “Design Thinking Simplified”