Baby Gym

For younger babies, play gyms encourage reaching, lifting the head and sitting up. Play Lots of colors and textures stimulate baby's senses. Different textures are present in dangling toys and the mat itself. It provides different sounds through dangling rattles, toys with bells. It comes with small, curved pillow on which a baby can lie on for tummy time. Gym keeps baby entertained for hours. It can be folded down easily for travel and storage.

This set includes removable toys: mirror, rattle and grasping. Features a sturdy design structure to optimize child safety. Remove the arch and the play gym becomes the perfect play mat for tummy time. Play gyms entertain and occupy baby, and they can possibly soothe and calm baby. Play gyms grow with baby. Once baby is able to sit up they can perceive the world in a different way. This allows them to play differently as they can now view the toys at a different angle, and as they reach for the hanging toys they will learn to manipulate them. Baby learns how to grasp the toys and manipulate them which allows baby to practice different hand movements. Once they have outgrown the gym, the toys can be removed and played with independently.

Client: EPSY Toys, Delhi



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