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Orient Electric Ltd. a leading Indian Home Appliances brand with significant global presence approached us to design a Desert Cooler for the summer of twenty eighteen.

When we started to look around what the market offerings were, we were surprised to see how a simple air cooler was “over-designed” just for the sake of differentiation. Superfluous elements of design not only added visual complexity but it also burdened the product with extra plastic part costs. Most designs were sticking out but none were ready to gel in smoothly into your living or bed room, quietly. I remember speaking to a potential customer about his vision of a smart air cooler. He had remarked – “I want to feel the cool air and not see the source of it.”

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" with this belief we set out to create a design language which comprised of certain “Aesthetic Elements” that formed the basic DNA thread connecting all the functional elements to attain a cohesive design identity. The result was subtle yet distinctly identifiable. The new Orient Air Cooler looks nothing like any other air cooler in the market. It comes with fully collapsible louvres that prevent the entry of dust and insects, even when it is switched off, thus preventing mosquito breeding.

Our approach towards creating this “super normal” cooler design was all about reducing things to their functional essentials, without compromising on the aesthetic pleasantness.



KNIGHT 70 Launched by Orient Electric Ltd. | 2018 Exhibited at Canton Fair 2018 | China Awarded by SuperBrands 2019 | India     Buy online here: www.amazon.in ............................................. Prototypes were built by Orient’s R&D team to test the efficiency of air delivery, engineering design and manufacturing excellence in the quality of design. ............................................. Special thanks to my wife and co-designer Suhasini Paul for her critical insights and ideas!   View full demo with details here: YouTube.com    



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