IR Blaster + Smart Sensor

We were approached to design an enclosure for 4 smart home automation devices that could fit into one body. The first product is an IR Blaster which gives access to all InfraRed enabled devices such as AC, TV, Projector, Music System etc. It is used to control all the home / office appliances and devices from your Smartphone. Now with its help the users can change channels, regulate the speed of AC or play songs from your music system, using their Smartphone. It has the capability to record any IR remote and can give the access for the same on your smart phone, tablet, Alexa etc. It can be used for a host of applications as it can track which channel on TV you are watching! And the second product is a Smart Sensor which is the all-inclusive Temperature, Light, Motion and Occupancy Sensor giving all the actionable inputs to the Master Hub to make the system more intelligent. It can do a wide variety of functions including Intrusion Detection and Energy Savings amongst many others. It is also an integral part of the C.O.R.E. framework, providing the Engine with Sensor Data all day.          
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The project aimed at designing a modular enclosure for Home Automation products to build a very unique design language for HomeOne Technologies LLP, as well as to keep the input cost very low in terms of investment in the tooling for the plastic parts. A common enclosure was created with a detachable design element so that by changing the top deco, the same body enclosure could be used to build four products with different applications.    



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