Ice Drop

We were approached to design a simple yet iconic ice tray. However, we started with designing the shape of the ice instead, as we felt that ice had greater connect with the consumer and the tray was just a tool to achieve it. Secondly the common problem with regular ice trays was that they had to be twisted to pop out the ice cubes and after some time the tray gets unstable at the base causing spillage when kept inside the freezer. Water expands in solid state and this was the reason why the ice cubes get stuck within the walls of the tray due to lateral and normal adhesion. We wanted to use the scientific phenomenon of expansion to our advantage by nullifying the effect of adhesion. After several iterations we arrived at the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, maintaining the desired simplicity. The WOW factor is that the new "ice drops" detach themselves when completely frozen. A signal that it is ready for consumption! Watch product video here: Can you pick a drop?

Best feature:  Retrieving the ice drop itself is pretty much the focal point of the experience of using this tray that makes it more satisfying than others. No need to twist the tray back & forth to loosen the ice, you can simply push down on either end of an ice drop, which raises the other end like a seesaw or use a spoon to scoop out a frozen drop. Designed in 2014. Buy online:



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