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Kinder Joy Surprise

Designed various surprise toys, innovative and interactive collect-ables for KINDER JOY. These toys have modular elements which are complete in itself but can be made into another playful object. Passive element turns into dynamic toys. Entity which becomes TOOL to create lots of things for example: A ring with stamping tool, here ring becomes TOOL to create lots of things. Kids love to create or make on their own. Also, children want to have accessories which can give them Princely feel. This ring with detachable pieces/shapes which can be used for stamping/signature mark. Play value: They would love to flaunt it. Will accelerate creativity and fulfill the creative urge of a child. Allows children to use their own imagination. We have also developed a series of toys that stimulate extended play, that is the toy/game can be used by one kid on his own but it should be possible and hopefully even more fun to play with other persons be it kids or adults hence “good alone better together”.

Client : FERRERO ROCHER, Italy

Year: 2009 onward

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