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PAUL STUDIO has designed and developed several best seller products for Pune based Tech. Start-up’s in the field of Home Automation, Touchless Devices, IoT Toys as well as Home Appliances & Electrical Accessories for MSME’s and Large corporations such as Whirlpool and many other companies based out of Pune. If you are looking for top industrial design studios in Pune, your search ends here. We love to create iconic best sellers!


Featured Projects:




We were approached to design a distinctively different and stylish product aesthetics for a range of Smart Home Automation products that would stand out and acquire a leadership position in the targeted market segment. We delved into studying the electronic components and finally proposed an internal layout which provided a common base to create multiple functions. Thus, creating a poly-functional design. We ended up not only designing the enclosure but also the internal electronic architecture along with the clients R&D team to be able to achieve the poly-functional design. The 1st product is an IR Blaster which gives access to all InfraRed enabled devices such as AC, TV, Projector, Music System etc. It is used to control all the home / office appliances and devices from your Smartphone. The 2nd product is a Motion Detector and Occupancy Sensor. It can do a wide variety of functions including Intrusion Detection and Energy Savings amongst many others. The 3rd product is a Smoke Detector and the 4th is a Contact-Less IR Thermal Sensor with WiFi App support for installation at public entry points to detect high body temperature. It also houses an internal Buzzer for highlighting abnormal cases. The product has been successfully launched by Starbot, Pune.



Introducing world’s first Home Automation Switch Plate with Biometric Access Control designed for a Pune based company Skroman. The switches activate when it senses your fingerprint! It can recognize up to 300 unique impressions. You can customize which set of electrical or electronic appliances are to be accessed when and by whom. It also features touch enabled sliders for dimming. The basic form factor is designed to match an 8 module gang box which is normally installed while the building is built. It is wall mountable and there is a wireless version as well where it can be plugged out from the wall and placed on the table top as well. This feature is also one of its kind and very unique and definitely an “industry first” feature. The ultra luxury version comes with a custom built metal frame studded with 780 diamonds!



Success Stories:




Designed a low cost  “dry storage” pedastal for Whirlpool Direct Cool Refrigerator which not only  increases the height of the refrigerator, the additional 10L of dry storage space for non-refrigerated items like options, potatoes, etc. ensures hygiene and proper space utilization in the kitchens.





Skroman, a leading home-automation product company approached us to create glamorous images of their upcoming products for marketing purpose such as catalogues, website and social media feeds during their product launch. We created the 3D data of their Smart Locks with 100% accuracy and simulated the color/material/finish of the actual lock in production. The images were used for print purpose and the 3D CAD data of all the products was used to create this product showcase video.



If you are looking for Industrial design companies in Pune, we are here!

Having served several tech start-ups in Pune, we have been able to build a strong network of toolmakers, raw material suppliers and plastic part manufacturers who help us develop our innovative and stylish designs. Our network in spread across the country. We have our presence in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru. We also serve our international clients spread across 20 countries. PAUL STUDIO, one of the best Product Design companies offering end-to-end services to create iconic best sellers!

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